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When I first started working with my Coach, Jennifer Febel of Live Life Unbroken, I was in complete denial that I had any anger lingering under the surface. A lot of my identity was based on the idea what I was empathetic, understanding, and compassionate. I may experience disappointment, frustration, irritation, or annoyance, but not anger.

As we dug under the surface more and I came to realize that I had spent most of my life as people pleaser and people pleasers do not get angry because that would cause conflict, and I avoided conflict at all costs.

The reality of the situation wasn’t that I didn’t get angry, it was that I denied myself the right to express my anger in a healthy and appropriate manner. Instead, I SHOVED IT DOWN! Deep! I refused to acknowledge it for myself and was not prepared to express it to anyone. By avoiding my anger and pushing it down, it bubbled under the surface until one day I would explode. (I must apologize to my parents here for they took the brunt of
my anger outburst over the years).

It is safe to say that by the age of 36, sitting across from Jen, it hit home when she told me I was an…

“Angry Nice Girl.”

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