“Before I began working with Jacqy, I was struggling with personal and professional relationships being unable to deal with conflict in a healthy manner and felt that running away from it was the only way to go.  Jacqy helped me set boundaries and I am now comfortable in situations where conflict is present and don’t feel the need to run away.”

Heather V.

“For years I suffered in silence. Struggling to find answers, longing to learn how to truly let things go and heal. Given the right tools, the right coach and the right moment of being truly ready, I was able to find and embrace my power, strength, voice and happiness! I never thought I would ever feel at peace and here I am enjoying the stillness. Thank you Jacqy!!”

Karen V.

“Jacqy is dedicated, insightful, and encouraging. She has numerous tools to assist her clients achieve the results they desire.  I would highly recommend Jacqy to anyone  searching for answers or trying to reach new goals.”

Sylvie P.

“Jacqy guided me through exercises, she looked at any matters that came up in a completely different perspective and helped me realize that taking time for myself or saying “no”, is a complete answer AND it’s not selfish. Jacqy is a ray of sunshine and I’m glad I was able to work with her.”

Karly M.

“This breakthrough has been life-changing. My advice for anyone thinking of hiring Jacqy as a Results Coach – just do it. She has compassion and firmness. She is kind and focused. And she can truly get you to your results/goals, as she has done with me.” 

Maria E

“During my work with Jacqy my life did a 360. I had changed. I knew who I was and I experienced for the first time what achieving a goal was like and how it made me feel.” 

Jennifer M.

“She is a fantastic teacher who combines the theory we need with the practical experiences that will make learning stick.  Above and beyond that, she is a loving, giving human being who I feel blessed to have come into my life.”

Emmy R.