3 Beliefs that might be blocking your dream of transforming people’s lives

Have you been investing in your own personal growth and begun to see the positive changes they have been making in your life?

Are others commenting on how things are different with you, yet they just can’t put their finger on what the change is?

Are you feeling the call to share with others what you have learned and a strong desire to help others find their light as well?

I sat in this place for years.

I always had a natural way about me that created a safe space for others to open and discuss their feelings or problems.  Working as a high school teacher, I often had students in my classroom on breaks looking for advice and mentorship. 

I knew I wanted to be able to guide others on a deeper level, have a bigger impact on their lives and thus, the lives of those around them.  Teaching was a start, but it kept me small and working within the confines of the system.

I wanted to get out and let my light shine!  BRIGHT!

And yet, the voice inside my head (Miss Debbie Downer), stopped me in my tracks every time I started to dream about owning my own coaching business and leaving my career as a Teacher.

Here is what she was saying:

“You are crazy!  Your partner isn’t going to like this and your family will think you’re nuts!

False.  I had drawn this conclusion without even speaking with my partner or family.  I convinced myself that they would not support this, which stopped me from even raising the issue.

When I finally did, I was pleasantly surprised at the support I received, both emotionally and financially.  My family wanted to see me live my dreams.  They could see how excited and determined I was and were focused on how they could help.

“I’m not an Expert.  No one is going to want to work with me.”

False.  I had no evidence to back this up, since I had yet to speak to anyone about the possibility of working with me.  What I failed to recognize at the time was that I was many steps ahead of my future clients and I had become an expert in my own healing journey.

Did I know everything there was to know about coaching?  No. 

Did I need to know everything? No. 

When I shifted my focus from what I felt I was lacking to what I actually had to offer others, I was able to speak to potential clients with excitement for the journey while sharing my own experiences on it.  Because I had achieved results, they believed they could get similar results with me too!

“It’s not the time.  I have to wait until….” False.  There is NEVER going to be a perfect time.  The perfect time is now.  You do not need to know everything required to reach your dream today, you only need to know the first few steps. Take those steps, and the next steps will become clear. As I have walked this journey, I have discovered that the right people or opportunities show up in my world at just the right moment.  The path continues to become clear with each ACTION step that I take. The only way you are not going to reach your dream of helping and serving others is by not starting! One of my favourite quotes is from Henry Ford: If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right! Ultimately, it is 100% up to you whether you want to continue feeling the pull to something more, or DECIDE to jump in head first and figure it out as you go. It starts with making a commitment to YOU!  To your DREAM! And if you require a little assistance with releasing those limiting beliefs and fully stepping into the light you are meant to shine out onto the world, let’s chat. When you heal yourself, you heal the world!!