3 Signs You are Giving Too Much

I was raised as a giver. 

Service was always a priority in my household.  My parents were always willing to give of their time, money and energy to help someone else out.

I am very grateful that the desire to serve others was instilled in me from a young age. 

Unfortunately, what didn’t come with that was the boundaries around it.

For the early part of my life, I gave and gave and gave, until I literally had nothing left to give.

So, how do you know when you are giving too much?

#1 – You are exhausted…ALL OF THE TIME!  

No matter what you do, or how often you rest, you can’t shake the feeling of being tired or worn out.

This is often a result of not setting aside time to fill up your own cup with self care.

You can’t give from an empty cup.

Recently, my friend Emmy shared with me a new anecdote to help truly understand how this works.

Imagine a champagne fountain.  As the top cup is filled, it overflows and begins to fill in all of the cups below it.

You are the cup at the top.

As you fill yourself up, you will overflow with energy that you can then share with others, filling their cups as well.

The key here is that it all starts with you!  You cannot give from an empty cup.

#2 – Feelings of resentment or frustration are bubbling under the surface.

You took time out of your busy day to help out a friend and they forgot to say “Thank You” and suddenly you are overwhelmed with wishing you had not done it.

You make time to listen to a friend talk about their problems and then give them what you feel is sound advice, and they don’t follow it.  BAM. Frustration.  What was the point?

The moment that resentment and frustration begins to surface, it’s time to revisit where you are giving of yourself. 

Being of service to others should be an act that fills us up with love and joy, not one that leaves you drained and full of resentment.

If that isn’t how you are feeling, then what you are giving isn’t coming from a heart centered place.

#3 – Your To-Do list is getting bigger every day.

 You have a list of projects and things you would like to accomplish and everytime you set aside time to get something done, you are distracted by a request from someone else. 

It feels as though you are always putting things off, telling yourself you will get started tomorrow, because the request is more important right now.

Although you have spent the entire day doing things, none of those things were helping you move forward with your own goals.

When everyone else’s needs and goals take priority and yours are always on the back burner, you are definitely giving too much.

Your dreams deserve your energy too!

Unsure of what the first practical step to take is? 

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